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Parents Corner

Parent/Coaches Guide - How to fill your athletes Emotional Tank.

Positive Sport Parents try to keep their children’s “Emotional Tanks” full.” A person’s “Emotional Tank” is like a car’s gas tank; when it’s full they can go most anywhere, but when it’s empty they go nowhere.

What Makes a Nightmare Sports Parent--And What Makes A Great One

Interesting article that summarizes the results of asking college athletes, "What is your worst memory from playing youth and high school sports?"

Before you critique, criticize, yell, or complain...

All of the NUGFP coaches and board members are volunteers.  All our coaches and board members put in an enormous amount of extra time as volunteers for the benefit of the girls in our program.  Also remember that umpires are extremely difficult to find and are paid very little for their time. Please keep this in mind as we begin our upcoming season.  Thank you! 

Heat Index Policy

NUGFP will cancel LEAGUE games in accordance with Southern Star policies when the heat index reaches 105º (for reference, the MN State High School League uses 115º as their threshold). The association will adjust TOURNAMENT schedules and game duration when heat index reaches these thresholds. The

National Weather Service reading at 3:00PM will be used for determining cancelations. 

Black batting helmets are required